Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Boxers or Briefs?

Zefrank always has an informative bit of obscure, yet interesting, chunk of knowledge to share on THE SHOW.

The 12-05-06 show is no exception. Ze is a genius at making the mundane entertaining and interesting. One of his fans wrote in the comments...

"Boxers or Briefs". It would have been too easy to answer the question so Ze turned it into the history of under garments. The writing is outstanding and what is missing most every eLearning video I have ever seen. I wonder what a Sexual Harrassment video would look like on THE SHOW. Now that would be something I would PAY to watch...I'll bet that I would remember parts of it too.

...and have it tracked in an overpriced LMS for the legal department of my giant Fortune 500 company...oh wait...I don't have to do THAT any more.

Phew...flashbacks are bad.

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