Saturday, February 24, 2007

Did you know?

Apparently this little gem is making the rounds within the Educators Bloggosphere (since August '06)...well worth 6mins out of your day to check this out...

The original ppt presentation was created by Carl Fisch and posted at his blog The Fischbowl.

Then Scott McLeod got a hold of it and edited it a little and re-released it in the format you have seen above.

Repeat after me...

RIP, MIX, FEED, repeat, repeat...infinity

...see...I told ya so!

Most educators that I know are psyched and excited by Learning2.0. I used to be quite cynical and think "they just don't get it". But ya know what? They don't know, what they don't know. When our teachers can create this type of presentation and pass it around amongst themselves...then you know they "get it" and the shift is beginning to occur.

When teachers need to ask for a couple hundreds bucks on the internet to buy a digital camera for their class...I'm stunned. Learning2.0? Hah! It looks like many of our educators aren't even at Learning1.0 yet. You can help make a difference by throwing some coin at my Challenge in the sidebar. C'mon folks! We talk about wanting to make a difference via technology...and everyone demands that ISD is still viable. Well, according to my audience analysis, these teachers need digital cameras...I've got 3 sitting right in front of me and I'm embarassed. It just doesn't seem right. Let's make a teacher's day and make sure they get a camera...okay?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Absolutely fascinating grouping of facts!
It's terrifying how fast our world changes. How will we keep up? I still can't program my stupid microwave clock!

bschlenker said...

Hi Celeste! You're welcome! This data set has made the rounds over the last year or so, but not in this format. Excellent way to get our learning customers to think and understand why our elearning processes need to change.
Don't feel bad...I can't set microwave clock either ;-)