Monday, February 26, 2007


I've been beating this drum for many months now. DIY is killing ISD. Conversations around the irrellevance of ISD with Karl Kapp basically bring us full circle to this post by Harold Jarche. Thanks Harold! Its a realization that many are unwilling to accept.
"If you’re in the learning business, don’t try to build another LMS or portal. Instead, figure out ways that enable DIY. Believe it or not, learners can, and will, do the rest. They already are."

Thanks Tony for linking up to it.

Harold's post points to Donald Clark kicking off this conversation. A comment on this wonderful topic had this to say in response to Donald "not getting Starbucks"...
"Starbucks - the classroom of elearning 2.0?"
Well said Dan.

A quick search of my blog finds the following posts:

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And there's more, but you get the idea...

I can over-simplify the issue significantly and state the following: ISD is only necessary when you are mandating learning to unwilling participants...for everthing else we do indeed learn it ourselves.

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Staying on the coffee shop theme, here's one more - Cappuccino U