Friday, September 07, 2007

eLearnDevCast - The New and Improved Podcast

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I've decided to take my Podcast in a new direction. So today is the release of the first "New and Improved" episodes. I'm still hosting it over at just because its been working out so well as far as publishing.

I used Garage Band for all of the editing. What a fun app to use. My kids had a great time helping out creating the music and recording the bumpers.

I'm also sponsored by Elluminate. So use THIS LINK and get your free 3-person Vroom. You've got to try it! It's very nice.

The best part of the podcast is my interview with Karl Kapp, author of Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos for Learning. Buy it HERE. We are going to be doing a sort of book club style segment on the podcast. I'm not sure how many weeks it will take us but I'm looking forward to it.

So next week Karl will be back and I will also talk with Michele Martin, from the bamboo project blog, about her 31days to a better blog experiment. I'm looking forward to both.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to talking with you, Brent--love your announcer! :-)

Karl Kapp said...


Thanks for the interview, enjoyed talking with you and discussing how I got interested in the topic of Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning. It is ironic how our kids can lead us into areas we never even knew existed. The really neat thing for me about this book was that I was able to collaborate with my two gamer boys. They contributed to the book and continue to contribute to my understanding of gadgets, games and gizmos. My ten year old wants the iPhone for Christmas and even informed me the other day that the price dropped. He is tracking it.

Look forward to discussing the book more with you next week in another podcast.