Friday, December 05, 2008

Adobe eLearning Suite - An Amazing Bundle for the New Year!

AG|09 is just right around the corner in March 09.  It seems like just yesterday Adobe announced their eLearning suite at DevLearn08.  At the time when we were all twittering about it there were not that many details to be had.  Or so I thought...

Steve Howard blogs at eLearning for Life . And it turns out that he had ALL the info and blogged about it.

So, for the record, Steve is your go-to guy for all things Adobe eLearning. I googled "steve howard adobe" and the first return is I met Steve at DL08 and he had this cool little net-book called the redfly. 

A very cool little mini-laptop.  He blogs about it here.  mLearning device perhaps? Maybe, if you're nice, Santa will slide one into your Christmas stocking...because it will easily fit.

Steve will be giving a session at The Annual Gathering in Orlando, March 10-13 focused on the Adobe eLearning Suite.  There should be LOTS of good news to hear by then.  Don't forget about the $400 early registration savings. 

Will Thalheimer blogs about the savings HERE.  Will is the THE MAN when it comes to Measuring eLearning.  He will be presenting as well at AG|09 and running another of his amazing pre-conference workshops. 

I'm getting psyched about it already!!!  Have a great weekend!!

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Clark said...

The Redfly is a nice approach, but I think it's only Windows Mobile for now; am eager for at least a bluetooth or cabled/cradled (crabled?) keyboard for the iPhone...or a Redfly approach...(can't afford a MacBook Air :)