Friday, December 11, 2009

Brain Rules - Getty Images - Vision Trumps all other Senses

In my humble opinion BrainRules should be MANDATORY reading for YOU and all of your eLearning colleagues. When the instructional design of 40 years ago was...well...designed, the only thing we could study was behavior. Today's technology looks inside the brain and tells us what that mass of cells is REALLY up too. If you are in an Instructional Design degree program of any kind and have NOT been exposed to the latest brain research then go get it for yourself...on the Internet. Its all over the place...and in books.

Its these new findings that help us understand why we intuitively know that simulations and virtual, highly visual, spaces are AMAZINGLY powerful learning tools. And it also confirms that creativity is at the heart of truly great instructional design. Words alone simply DO NOT cut it!

Special thanks to @cammybean and @tmiket for tweeting about and helping to spread the word.

Dr. Medina was SO awesome at DevLearn08, I'm thinking about bringing him back...what do you think?

DevLearn 2010 Conference & Expo - November - San Francisco, CA


mike said...

Totally agree this should be required reading and I wish I could've been there for his keynote. Thanks!

Elearning tools said...

Very interesting blog post. Thanks for sharing the video. It has been a great help for my research.