Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Game of Phones = A Serious Learning Game at mLearnCon

As I write this I'm flying to mLearnCon on the same flight as Alicia Sanchez (@gamesczar) and Kris Rockwell (@hybridkris and Hybrid Learning). The pair teamed up this year to create a card game for mLearnCon. While this may seem an odd genre of gaming for an mlearning conference, I trust in their creative collective genius and can't wait to play.

As a conference programmer I love introducing new experiences for attendees. So when members of my personal learning network (PLN) approach me with creative ideas I do what I can to support their efforts. After all, eLearning Guild events are about the community. We all share, collaborate, and have fun. It's one of the many reasons DevLearn, Learning Solutions, and mLearnCon are so successful.

A Game of Phones starts with a deck of cards. The deck includes real business issues/problems related to mobile learning. There are also technology cards, and speaker cards handed out by speakers at their concurrent sessions. The object of the game is to challenge your opponent with a problem and you both discuss/debate a technology and solution. I admittedly, have not yet played the game and quite possibly could have just gotten it all wrong. But I have been assured by beta testers that the game is excellent way to brainstorm and poke the box of mobile learning.

One of the best parts of the game is that the deck you receive is an outstanding resource for you to take back to the office and apply to your own learning solutions. It beats writing a trip report, right?

If you are at mLearnCon you must give it a try. Even if you are not a gamer you must step outside your comfort zone. That's what conferences are for and you only cheat yourself if you don't engage.


Judy Unrein said...

Kudos for just doing something frigging different, Brent. This sounds awesome!

bschlenker said...

Thanks Judy!
Check out BackChatter tomorrow as well. I need to blog about that too. Kris Rockwell did a great job with that game and you don't need to be at the conference to play.

Alex Webb said...

Great post we are also following up on a talk from Alicia Sanchez at the LSG on Gamification