Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kno Knows eTextBooks

I saw the KNO eTextBook solution on TechCrunch TV from CES.
The eTextbook is so much more than just flipping digital pages on an eReader.  The features of the Kno eTextbook solution are incredible.  Check out the full list of features here.

There are several features that caught my attention, but I was very intrigued by the presenter's comment about images:
"...any image with labels is automatically converted into a quiz."
When I went to the web site I was impressed to see a course manager.  The interface is clean and appealing.  It's got a real Mac-feel to it.  I think the syncing will be critical.  Having your textbooks available on both your laptop and your mobile device is the future.

While the textbook industry takes it's time converting to digital, I'm left wondering what publishers are embracing Kno.  Or are the big publishers going to create their own standards, their own apps, their own formats, their own stores, etc.  I hope the content creators can figure out how to create their content and go directly to the new textbook much the same way that iTunes changed the music buying process.  But that remains to be seen.

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vincent Wartelle said...

De retour du BETT à Londres ou j'étais exposant, je peux confirmer le dynamisme international pour le "digital publishing". Il faut vraiment encourager les Petites sociétés du secteur qui essayent de promouVoir leurs technologies innovantes.
Vincent Wartelle