Saturday, October 21, 2006

UofA teaches Web2.0 - GO CATS!

My alma mater, the University of Arizona to teach students to implement BitTorrent and Web2.0 in business
"Apparently, the interest in information technology among students has significantly decreased. The Association for Computer Machinery has reported that the number of students choosing to study computer science has dropped by an average of 32 percent over the last 4 years. IBM’s aim is to encourage more of today’s students to pursue a degree in information technology."
"The Univeristy of Arizona will in fact be the first to offer so-called
‘Web 2.0 courses’. Social networking has been a growing trend recently
and has created a new set of jobs in the tech industry. The demand for
a “community manager” is on the rise. IBM wants to prepare students to
fill this position."
This is very cool.  Huge thanks to my friend Keith Carnes over at  More on Keith later.

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Gabe Anderson said...

Very cool! That's great to hear that U of A is offering a Web 2.0 course. I'll have to let my brother know... he's one of your fellow U of A alums, and I'm sure will be proud, too.