Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More PagePacker FUN - AG|08

Well, its a tradition now! Fun little Pocket Guides to help you plan your big eLearning Guild event. (update) Those of you attending the conference can use your materials to help populate your new pocketguide with info.

It all started with these posts in 2007.
I did one for AG07 and DevLearn07 and now its time for the AG08 version.

We printed them for you last year, but this year I'd like to try something different. Not only do you get to have this wonderful parting gift, but you also get to learn about ANOTHER nifty little Web2.0 app.

Check out DROP.IO to download the PDF of the AG|08 PocketGuide. There is also a link to the pagepacker creator with instructions on how to cut and fold your new handy dandy little pocketguide.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome...Drop.io is coolio! See you at the AG|08.