Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mobile Apps that build Mobile Apps - Is there room for an eLearning Authoring App?

I have been following the UpsideLearning blog a lot lately because they have been focusing on mLearning. This Post pointed me to the RWW blogRWW blog and the PowerOne Calculator App for the iPhone. It reminds me a lot of what Wolphram|Alpha is supposed to do. Basically, for 5.99, you have the ability to create to your own calculations. This is great for real estate agents, and apparently nurses, and doctors and pharmacists who need to perform complex calculations.

My experience with Bento has been similar. Many people have written it off as being too simplistic of a database system, or just not what they need. Me too. That is until the Bento iPhone app came out. Now I create my own apps quickly and easily for many different things. No more cheesy little todo list apps. Now I make my own custom, cheesy, little todo lists (or libraries).

I've never really mentioned it but now that its been mentioned on MacBreak weekly as a pick of the weekpick of the week, I feel like its okay to mention that I use it ;-)

So, is the iPhone eLearning authoring tool that far off? Is anyone working on one, or something similar? And not just for the iPhone. Other phones too. Yes, I know everybody has an authoring tool that exports to a mobile format (okay maybe not everybody), but that's not what I mean. I want an mLearning authoring tool built specifically for the mobile platform. Who's gonna step up?

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