Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Fractal Nature of Enterprise 2.0

Special thanks to @moehlert for tweeting this. I've always loved the idea of fractals even though I never could figure out a use for them. But for some strange reason this idea of the fractal nature of the enterprise is clear to me. Maybe I understand fractals better than I thought....I don't know.

What strikes me is the fact that there will always be patterns of collaboration and in a sense structure of some sort. But what changes, I think, is the nature of how that structure is driven and defined. The forced fractal of old represented as an org chart, will, and must, one day become a more fluid pattern that evolves and adapts to the current immediate business environment in an effort to become most efficient.

I think the most complex element of this enterprise 2.0 stuff is the human ego. I'm not sure we ever really take that into consideration when we talk about the beauty of self-forming teams, and more fluid forming organizations and work groups. Ideally I'd like to think this will work, but practically given the nature of human beings, I'm not sure its sustainable.

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The fractal nature of Entreprise 2.0

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