Friday, September 05, 2014

Fireside #lrnchat LIVE via Google Hangout on Air

This was my second try and making G+ Hangouts on Air work.  I was lot more successful this week, however it wasn't without a little pain and frustration.  But it was an outstanding learning experience.  And after all, isn't that what we are all about?

I want to thank the Godmother of #lrnchat @marciamarcia Marcia Conner for engaging in this new experience. For those of you new to Marcia's work she has a beautiful web site at

I think we were about 30mins into #lrnchat before I finally figured out how to invite people to participate with us LIVE via the hangout.  So, I wouldn't recommend sitting through this video in it's entirety.  At some point I will most likely doing some post production work on these Fireside #Lrnchats.

We can only get 10 people into the hangout LIVE, but you can watch the stream on YouTube while following the #lrnchat twitter stream.

CAUTION: If you thought following the #lrnchat twitter chat stream was a firehose this amplifies that intensity significantly...but in a good way.  And it's fun.

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