Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Light animations - user-generated content that will blow you away!

So, when I was in college I took a course in photography...well before digital cameras.  The most interesting project we did was putting ourselves in completely dark room, opening the camera shutter and painting images with a flashlight on the wall.  Sure, that's old hat to most photographers, but it's really what got me excited about alternative possibilities in photography. 
So imagine my amazement when I viewed these little ditties.  Thanks, to the Strobist blog.

Is that amazing or what?

I know my readers are photography nuts because everytime I go to a learning conference like eLearnDevCon2006, the digital photography sessions are packed while the ISD sessions are near empty.  What's up with that?  I led a session on the subject at Learning2005 and the little room I was given was standing room only. 
At our core, learning professionals are creative folks.  We should be at the front of the new user-generated content revolution because that's exactly what we do...WE generate content.  Web2.0 and Learning2.0 is our playground.  It's what we've done well before the internet hit the mainstream.

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