Sunday, August 13, 2006

Web2.0 Starter Kit

The Web2.0 Starter Kit by Intel colleague and blogger Dawn Foster
This is some great stuff.  The Web2.0 idea and it's related brother Learning2.0 are huge concepts to swallow.  So following these steps and breaking it down into small workable chunks makes it less daunting. 
Step 3 is absolutely the most important step.  During my Learning2.0 presentation I use the following quote from the matrix to make the same point.
"nobody can tell you what the matrix is, you have to experience it for yourself." - Morpheus
Without a doubt, your world will change after engaging in Web2.0.  But you MUST engage.  Reading about it is great, but trust me when I say that DOING it is a completely different mind-blowing experience. 

If this Starter Kit doesn't get you going then contact me and I will help you...really!

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Dawn Foster said...

Your quote from the Matrix sums it up nicely! I'll have to remember that one.