Monday, April 23, 2007

TeacherTube - Tell me why we need to GO to school?

I put out an idea early this month about teachers putting themselves on the open market. The tools I find, the more I see this as our future reality. TeacherTube is great! And since I haven't done my going-into-the-weekend-video post recently (old one here if you need a fix), I'll give it too ya here. This is from TeacherTube to illustrate a point. I'll be there's a hundred ways to take this content and make it "better", mix, feed. I don't want to take anything away from this teacher because this is how it starts...then someone else adds a little, and then someone else, etc.

The k-8 curriculum seems fairly cut and dry to me. We have teachers all over the world reinventing the wheel over, and over, and over. We currently use the internet to subsidize the learning that is being missed in class for what ever reason. So, when do we begin to realize that the internet can be the primary source, not just something extra? Good/entrepreneurial teachers could quite easily increase their salaries with simple marketing techniques and open source technologies like Google TeacherTube, blogger, pbwiki, and hundreds of others.

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