Saturday, April 21, 2007

Unibroue discovered at local Cost Plus

After learning about Unibroue in Boston last week I've on a mission to find it in AZ. Mission accomplished...well, sort of. Cost Plus only carries 2 flavors.

What does this have to do with Learning? EVERYTHING! A wonderful experience makes for a memorible experience. A compelling story is part of creating that experience: I don't believe that simply drinking the beer is enough...although its darn good beer.

I only wish that I could share the experience with friends, but for now sharing the beer is fine.


Harold Jarche said...

There's nothing quite like "une maudite bonne bière" to facilitate learning ;-)

What really gets me though, is that you can buy Trois Pistoles, but I can't find it in New Brunswick, and we're next door to Québec, where the brewery is located :-(

Jim Javenkoski said...

Brent, I am glad that the Unibroue beer tasting in Boston last week inspired you to search for our brands in the metro Phoenix area. My colleague Michael Smith, Unibroue's Regional Sale Manager - West Coast, launched our account with Cost Plus. To find a retailer with wider selection of our brands, I recommend that you use the Phoenix beer map and note the names and locations of the beer stores.

Harold, I apologize on behalf of the brewery that your home province seems to have such a paucity of Unibroue brands. I'll ask my boss to check into it.

Harold Jarche said...

Jim, you're a saint :-)

bschlenker said...

I'll second the nomination for Jim's sainthood.
The Phoenix beer looks great...thanks for the tip, Jim.
Let's figure out we can get your fabulous Unibroue stories on video and up on the web so those of sharing the good news of Unibroue can offer a similar experience as the bloggers beer tasting.