Friday, June 01, 2007

TWiM - Learning to Learn podcast HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

MAJOR UPDATE: Well, being out of the blogosphere for so long confused my brain and I blew it on this one. The post you see below is WRONG! CC Chapman does NOT do TWiM podcast. However, one thing i did get right is that CC is EXTREMELY passionate, and I DO LOVE Managing the Grey (his actual new media podcast) and the CrayonCast. Too many podcasts, so little time :-(

One of my favorite new media gurus is CC Chapman from Crayon. He produces several podcasts but my favorite is This Week in Media.

Sometimes the guys on the show geek out on stuff that don't interest me but I listen anyways because they are passionate about everything. NOTHING beats Passion!!! By far my favorite episode is titled Learning to Learn (episode 53)

Its a great twist on what we are all blogging about because its coming from guys that are NOT jaded with ISD baggage. They are not elearning professionals. These are just passionate, successful guys that learned their craft in a particular way. Its a must listen.
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