Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Apple lays out the future of mobile learning

Wow! Look at how beautiful that is! The price drops by $200 on the iPhone and the iPod Touch is a thing of beauty. So you don't want to switch to AT&T but still want the killer mobile web and beautiful touch screen? Well, your in luck. The Touch is just the device for you.

Can I here anyone say "Ultimate mobile learning device"? I had heard of schools testing iPhones with wi-fi only (they disable the phone service but utilize the wi-fi with the on-campus wireless network). Maybe we don't give every kid a laptop. Maybe we give them each a Touch...without the impending molestation charges of course.
Early reports of iPhone distribution in bulk were stifled by cost for many organizations, but maybe the new Touch and lower costs are just the thing to blow this whole mobile learning thing wide open.

I think other device makers must be simply ashamed and embarassed at this point. Palm killed its Foleo device yesterday. According to engadget
"Palm needs to focus on one thing right now, and that's coming out with a category-killing smartphone".

Gee...ya think!? But who the heck even WANTS a smartphone anymore when you can have an iPhone or a Touch? I mean really, people! Aren't you just a little embarassed when you have too pull out that dinosaur Treo or Blackberry in front of your iphone toting colleagues? Your geek cred is on the line.

If you read The eLearning Guild's 360 report on Mobile Learning then you know my thoughts on the iPhone as a Mobile Learning Device. It rocks! But it's not the first gen that will make mobile learning happen. It's THIS gen! More on why later.

Put the Touch on your Christmas wish list! This is good stuff!
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