Monday, August 22, 2011

Augmented Reality - Using Junaio in the British Museum

The Junaio blog posted this today... Learning with Junaio, Samsung and British Museum.

The first thing that struck me was that Museums seem to be perfect for this technology. The next thing that hit me was why this hasn't been created for the Freedom Trail in Boston. Can someone PLEASE get that project done. Its BEGGING for augmented reality with Junaio.

Okay, so I got that off my chest...

In all seriousness, I'm a fan of augmented reality and I see the possibilities. BUT it also still feels like the shiny new gadget syndrome is fresh with this app. Unless the experience is something more spectacular than words, and pictures in a layer on the image of what the camera is displaying, I don't give it much hope of surviving.

I want to see video layered on top of whatever it is that I'm pointing the camera at. Let's say I'm looking at a history building. I want to be taken back in time and see a video of a reenactment of that scene. Even if its just a few people walking by the building in historical garments or what have you. Its all about creating a new sense of context for the viewer. If its just "additional information", I'm certain a mobile web app would work just fine. Or, for that matter, a old school paper-based brochure would be lovely.

But even beyond the augmenting of reality I'm anxious to see learning design incorporated into the technology. I'm not sure that just adding more information using this technology qualifies as something more than performance support. And that's okay. But I'm anxious to see instruction tied into it.

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